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Company History

Purse Supply Depot was started in January of 2008. It all started when my mother wanted to find a supplier of quality purse supplies at a better cost than she could get at her local retail store. She then looked on-line, and was soon disappointed. Some were selling at rates that were higher than the local craft stores in town, and the others that were better priced were always out of items she needed most. This was frustrating, and she was forced to go back to buying from her local retail supplier. Her need prompted my idea to locate a supplier and pass the savings on to her and other purse crafters like herself.

We have currently contracted with several factories to produce top quality purse supplies that you would find in your local craft stores, but at significantly lower prices. When you buy at your craft store, they do not care that you need more than a couple pieces. The price is the same no matter how many you buy. For the serious purse maker (someone like my mother for example) this can become quite expensive.

When we started this, she told me one thing, “make sure they are top quality items, because I take pride in my purses, and I know that others will want to do the same.” So our commitment to you is to always bring you the best quality products at prices that will always be affordable.

This is not just for my mother, but for everyone out there who has experienced the same frustrations. In essence, this is not just Purse Supply Depot, but your store. We have done it all for the love of the purse makers around the country. For as long as there are women, there will always be the need for a fashionable purse.

Company Policy

Purse Supply Depot is committed to carrying only top quality products. We believe that if one of our products is not received in perfect condition, we will replace that item at no cost to you. Be assured that when you are ordering your items through Purse Supply Depot, you are getting the very best. If you believe that we can improve anything about our Company or the website, please let us know. We will continually strive to achieve ultimate customer satisfaction.

Quality products and reliable service will always be our #1 priority. That is why we make sure that you are given the excellent service that you deserve. On behalf of all of us at Purse Supply Depot, thank you for choosing us for your business and personal needs.

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